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Bali Beach Glamping. Tabanan
20min from Canggu

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3 days and nights of meaningful connection and ridiculous celebration through workshops, movement arts, live music, DJs, circus, performance and more.


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Anastasiia BassGene Birds of Paradise Brown Suga Chillosophia Chukku Dezii DJ Afrodon DJ Caution DJ Fxckmewell DJ Jazzy O DJ Krysalys DJ SE/RIO EcHo Fusionista Goranji Halo Hartwell Sawyer Iqua Tahlequa Jungle Kitchen Karunika Kobrin Krisna Floop Krysalys MADDIX Maia Nina Pete Byrne Piran Rob Rizk Roba Grow SacralFractal Shalman Soul Panther Super Sonic Thrive Thess Tina Colada Toltech ZeroFate by DJ Damirichi Zhenya Topov


Partial lineup, more announcements coming soon...


Into the Flames - The Art of Fire Dancing  Warrior Mode: Putting Healthy Masculinity into Practice through Fighting   The Neuroscience of Partying   Deep Ritual Flow w/ Live DJ A Musical Journey of your Inner World   Poi Spinning for Beginners Primal Rewilding: Release, Connect, and Feel your Freedom  The Ecstatic Dance Ceremony  Business Strategy for Witches and Wizards   crypto/NFT panel discussion  Death and Rebirth Ceremony - Make peace with life and let go of the inner baggage that weighs on our heart  Hula Hoop Tricks & Hoop-ography Playshop Magical Meetings: Speed Connection Unconditional Love- it's not what you think Advanced Intuition for Entrepreneurs Your Life: Fully Lived   Luminaries: A Psychological Look at the Sun and Moon in Your Horoscope   Clarity Breathwork Ceremony Embodied Feminine Flow or Divine Groove  Voice Activation for Visionaries, Lovers & Artists Kundalini HIIT Flow  Contact Improvisation Play Station and more coming soon... 

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3 dj



wellness & movement area


connection room


ted talk style tent


live music &

tea rooms


art & performances

Festival Flow

5 May 2022
6 May 2022​
7 May 2022
8 May 2022

Day 0 ‣‣ preparation

Building meaningful spaces. 

We need your help setting up! This is a great way to connect with the community prior to the start of the festival and be a part of creating the magic from ground zero.


Day 1 ‣‣ connection 

Discover the potential of what we can become when we are truly seen and heard.

The Opening Ceremony will lift us off into the incredible weekend ahead! Rediscover togetherness through authentic connection activities, life-changing workshops, a jaw-dropping circus cabaret show plus a cozy tea lounge, live music, DJ's and much more. Festivities will finish at 4am.

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Day 2 ‣‣ imagination

Explore your edges and the limits of what's possible. 

Start your morning with an energizing movement workshop, followed by a community brunch. Choose from more than 20 workshops throughout the day, and get ready to enjoy a sacred cacao ceremony with a magical surprise before a mood-boosting Bubbles & Bass Pool party. Join us for an all-night dance ritual as we celebrate until the early morning across 3 DJ stages, tea lounge, and more.


Day 3 ‣‣ expansion

Embrace a transformational passage of the body, mind, and soul.

Begin your day with morning movement and body awareness workshops, then select from more than 30 workshop that help you tap into your creative and visionary potential. The day unfolds with community brunch + dinner, a 3-hour ecstatic dance experience, the largest fire show in Bali, a Burning Man-inspired effigy burn, and much more. We’ll honor our experience with a Closing Ceremony and integrate the weekend with chill connections, live music and a movie night.


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Two Beachfront Resorts

Welcome to Bali, Indonesia — the Island of the Gods. 


Bali Bloom takes place across two stunning, fully staffed private beachfront venues offering 40 luxury tented villas, a spa, restaurant, huge infinity pool, covered event area and expansive lawn areas.  


Chill out at one of the many secret nooks or watch the most beautiful sunsets stretching out across a half mile of black sand beach.

Bali Beach Glamping
Villa Vedas Bali

20 minutes from Canggu.

50 minutes from Ubud.

70 minutes from Uluwatu.

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"I met some of my closest friends at the Festival, they are like my family now. It' is so empowering."

Workshop Bloomers

Rick Smith

Rick has been a classroom teacher, an education consultant, and over the past twenty years, has spoken to over 100,000 people in fifteen countries on five continents.

Magdalena Rod

Magdalena is a yogini, traveler, conscious lifestyle guide and mentor for those desiring to create more time, location and financial freedom in their lives.

Jaymin Patel

Jaymin J. Patel is the Leader of Paragons of Possibility – a movement showcasing what is possible in this world.

and way more...

Joe "The Maestro" Tandle

Joe has a love for creating connecting experiences. His passion is creating communities that feel empowered to freely share their hearts talents and gifts through collaborative co-creation. He has created thousands of events, founded 4 large international communities spanning 52 countries, founded many businesses in tech, co-living, VR and real estate and has led large camps and projects at Burning Man.

He organizes experiences for creative leaders and awe struck party-goers. Including a yearly 1400 person, 4 story super yacht costumed extravaganza, a continuous speakers series, parades, intimate dinners, thought leadership, festivals, camp out events and much more.

Founder - Lead Producer

May 6th ➔ May 8th 2022

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