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Transforms freelancers into virtual companies in seconds, enabling invoicing & getting paid globally.

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Bali Bloom

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Co-Creative events for radical self-expression and Transformative Collective Culture

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The "Rimuut Podcast Tent" for Bali Bloom Concept joins a community of creators from all walks of life into a conversation of finding freedom within being a freelancer. What is freedom? What challenges and hardships they face before becoming the authentic version of their former self.

What are the key elements, advices, and tools that they used to achieve their freedom? 

Take the journey from 9am to 11am within the 3 days with a smooth blend of coffee to awaken the mind to new experiences. Join the conversation and let us explore the world of being digital nomads and how to reach freedom...

Our Host

Martin O'Toole

Having spent over 25 years in the creative industry, in early 2019, writer and marketer Martin closed down his London creative agency and moved to Bali to live a mindful life. Now, writing a book and hosting the How To Die Happy podcast, Martin wishes to be in service of others by spotlighting issues surrounding mental health and the arts of living & dying well.

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We have thought of many different options that we believe will help create brand awareness for Rimuut. Please, let us know which ones you would be the most interested in and we can customize the experience for you.

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We will review your choices and create a starting budget for your review. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please, get in touch with Geff.

The Venue

The Podcast Tent


Mr. Samm has a mission for healing the land so in our plantation WE DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICAL Fertiliser, instead we make our own fertiliser, plant hormone, compost, and natural pesticide. Because not only is good for our body to not having any chemical fertiliser but it affects so much on your cup of coffee. The coffee tree that have been feeding with natural or organic product will produce natural taste note of fruitiness and the aroma of freshness.

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The Bloomers

Rick Smith

Rick has been a classroom teacher, an education consultant, and over the past twenty years, has spoken to over 100,000 people in fifteen countries on five continents.

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Annia is one the precursor of Instagram Influencers. She understood the opportunity of it about 12 years and built an empire.

Michael Healy

Michael is co-founder of Unit.Ventures, focused on communities, marketplaces and tokens. He is focused on social impact and positive change through education...

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